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The General StoreEdit

The General Store is well, the General Store!  The store in Lumbridge contains the following items.  The items and there discription and uses should be posted below!

Empty Pot- It's an essential as much as people think of it as an item used as an example of Runescape's many General store's. It can be crafted using Soft Clay with a form of crfting such as a wheel in Barbarian Village. They can be used to collect flour from a mill once wheat is processed.

Tinderbox-It can only be purchased. It can be given for free if you sweet talk the Woodcutting Tutor. It's required for lighting logs of any kind on fire. It never runs out of power. It can be used by any level of firemaker. Some items can be used to substitue this by doing mini-quests

Hammer-This item can only be purchased in it's regular form. Warhammers are forged from metal and you need certain smithing levels to do so. The hammer is used for smithing things on anvils. The main use is for crafting metal bars into something like armour or a longsword

Bronze Dagger-This item can be smithed by using a hammer and a bronze bar on an anvil. It only needs a level 1 smithing level so anyone could use it. It can be used in attacking things for any type of attack. It doesn't have a special attack and is thought of as one of the most basic items.

Jug-The jug must be purchased. It's main use is for making wine. To make wine you must have the required cooking level. Then fill up your jug with water using some kind of water source like a fountain or sink. Combine it with grapes and let it ferment.

Shears-This must be purchased. In a farm to the NNW of lumbridge has a pair inside that can be picked up. You can go and attempt to shear sheep for there wool. Some sheep run away. Wool is not a stackable item and takes up one inventory space. It never wears out. it can be made into a ball of wool and used to string an amulet or necklace.

Bucket-This item must be purchased. It can be filled with water y using a water source like a sink or a fountain. Some quests require you to use one. If you milk a cow it's required for you to have one to collect milk. One bucket will get one bucket of milk.

Bowl-A bowl can be made using Soft Clay. It is mainly used for cooking stew and other such items. To do so put water in the bowl using a water source. You should put it on a range or something else similar. Add your items and cook it again.

Cake Tin-This item must be purchased. It's main use is to well make cakes. Simply add all the items and hope it doesn't get burned!

Chisel-This item must be purchased. It's main use is to chisel uncut stones and make them cut. Sometimes this results in making it into dust. Some quests require you to use it to make certain things. Again the stones that are cut require certain crafting levels

Newcommer Map-In my opinion and I think many other people's opinions this is useless. It shows the beginning area in a curvey strange hard to understand way. Using your free map provided by the game by clicking the map icon is much more helpful and shows important things.It must be purchased!

Security Book-This item must be purchased. It talks about the rules of Runescape and can help people who don't know about the game. I would read through it once and look at the regualar rules of the game.

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